Album announcement!

ALAW announce new album Denwyd i’r Goleuni – Drawn to the Light.

“Adding Nia’s powerful voice has taken ALAW to a new level, where they can deliver songs with a newfound confidence. She carries the emotion of the songs a delivers them with heartfelt authenticity – moving from tender intimacy to unbridled passion.” 

Drawn to the Light, was recorded during lockdown – when local restrictions allowed the band were able to meet – where all three experienced instant excitement around ideas they were debating and the music they were creating – Nia’s aptitude not just for the song – but tunes as well inspired Oli to write new tunes for the “new” line-up, which, along with the entire ALAW back catalogue, Nia set about learning – (her neighbours banging on the walls on the while) – it was the songs though where things really took off.

Drawn to the Light – is a re-emergence from lockdown – it’s about playing to an audience.  The album and the audience represent the light…….at the end of the tunnel.

Ahead of the album’s release, they have revealed a double a-side single (out on 3rd December) featuring two tracks from the album. On Hiraeth, the narrator is trying to understand the feeling of hiraeth – a kind of intense and cruel longing that wakes them from their sleep at night. ALAW put their unique stamp on this well-loved song and carry the listener along on an emotional journey.

Fill the House is a cosy winter song on which ALAW evoke the story of a couple reunited for one night. Tomorrow they will part, so tonight “lets dance and fill the house with joy”. In the second half of the track, the singing gives way to dancing as ALAW let their fingers fly around a lively melody.