A Welsh Tune a Week!

Oli Wilson Dickson

Oli Wilson DicksonA WELSH TUNE A WEEK!

Fiddle player Oliver Wilson-Dickson (Jamie Smith’s Mabon, ALAW, The Devil’s Violin) is on a mission. Inspired by tutoring on the Welsh Music BEAM summer school run by TRAC CYMRU – he has decided record and post a new Welsh tune on his youtube channel every week.

“We have so many great tunes in Wales” says Oliver “and we shouldn’t keep them all to ourselves!”. Week one launched with the lilting jig Mwynen Cynwyd and week 2 features a beautiful slow air called Wil a’i Fam. (Will and his Mother). “I am hoping that it will inspire musicians from all over the world to delve into this wonderful tradition”

Oliver regularly performs Welsh music around the Britain with his trio ALAW. “Every time we play someone will tell us they had no idea about Welsh folk music and comment on its distinctive character and voice.”

Oliver’s videos can be found at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6VRS7V4hJaBLb4bjqPooALp4vs5bFfNr