Folk Wales review of ALAW EP

Alaw’s EP is a little gem. Alaw, Welsh for melody, is the alluring interplay when violin and guitar meet, an amazing collaboration between Oli and Dylan Fowler, both musicians in Zapora and The Ian McMillan Orchestra, along with many successful forays with musicians and storytellers alike. Recorded just before Jamie joined the duo, Alaw’s debut EP was made to cash in and boost publicity at this year’s Festival Interceltique de Lorient; it’s full of wonder and imagination, and spills over with glittering notes and runs, especially in the Nyth Y Gog sets, and is readily available on-line or at their gigs. There are only four sets, and these include Y Cariad Newydd, Jig Arglwydd Caernarfon and Y Ddau Farch. Dylan is the questing, probing magician accompanying Oli’s dancing, artful fiddle; it just so happens to be bursting with balls! Now Oli and Dylan have recruited Jamie and they are planning a first full-length CD soon. This delightful and sparkling EP is a welcome pointer to the shape of things to come.

Mick Tems