Well that was quite something!

What an amazing, full-on, exhausting but rewarding time we had at WOMEX2017 in Katowice. The pressure was on for our 45min showcase at the planets biggest world music trade show – but the response was fantastic:

“The biggest and most unexpected surprise of this Womex so far” Ton Mass MixedWorldMusic.com

“ALAW at Womex 2017 was a warm glow for me. Beautiful and beautifully thought out music and arrangements” Jun Lin Yeoh (director of Rainforest World Music Festival, Malaysia).

“ALAW’s showcase was by turns, intimate, explosive, charming and engaging” Danny Kilbride (director TRAC Cymru)

A huge diolch yn fawr to WOMEX, Wales Arts International, The Arts Council of Wales, TRAC Cymru and all that helped make it possible.


Photo by Eric van Nieuwland 2017