Dead Man’s Dance (download)


The multi-award nominated and award winning album Dead Man’s Dance (Dawns y Gŵr Marw) is the second studio album from the fiercely talented trio ALAW. Sensitivity and virtuosity combine in this bold exploration of Welsh traditional music and original song with sublime contributions from guest vocalists Georgia Ruth and Gwilym Bowen Rhys. Sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes joyful and exuberant, always imaginative and engaging, Dead Man’s Dance is a coming of age album.

‘Having set out our stall with our first album Melody, we wanted to go all out with Dead Man’s Dance; featuring guest
musicians and adding original songs to the mix’ says fiddle player Oli Wilson-Dickson ‘Georgia and Gwilym are two of the most exciting singers in Wales right now and having them on the album is a real thrill.’

In ALAW, Oli, Jamie Smith and Dylan Fowler bring a wealth of experience to a shared passion – the traditional music of Wales. Whether unearthing rare gems or reimagining a well loved melody, they treat their music with a deftness and subtlety that is thoroughly absorbing. Combined with powerful song writing and original tunes, this makes for a musical experience that stays with the listener.

‘Certain Welsh melodies leap out as being incredibly moving and mysterious. Sometimes they are elaborate but sometimes really simple, which can open up all sorts of possibilities’

Oli, Jamie and Dylan have a long history of working together, sharing projects such as The Devil’s Violin, Szapora and The Ian McMillan Orchestra. Oli and Jamie are well known throughout the folk world as the frontline of Jamie Smith’s Mabon.